Ukraine Torch | Trip 13 Update (April ’24)

This was our 13th trip of the support mission and continued to build on past efforts working with Territorial Defense Forces, as well as Ukraine’s elite direct-action units. We were fortunate on this trip to touch base with an FPV drone operator school, named Dragon Sky, which requested some high-tech equipment to support their operations and increase survivability in the field. They have been great partners and readily provide actionable feedback and progress updates on the equipment received. We look forward to seeing where else we can assist with their technology needs and enhance their efforts!

We also launched a special project for one of our members, who said goodbye recently to his longtime canine friend Mako. We visited Odesa to meet with the 126th TDF Canine Training Academy to tour their operations, training military working dogs, and learn how a gift could help shape and expand their cynology operations. It was extremely impressive meeting the canines helping units at the frontline avoid land mines and other explosive dangers. Dogs also are being found to have great sensory awareness for a number of other threats! We look forward to assisting with procuring protective gear for our new partners and helping them expand their operations and infrastructure and get some of their graduates out to our TDF units!

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Ukraine Torch | Trip 12 Update (February ’24)

This was our 12th trip bringing supplies and equipment to keep Ukraine in the fight. We met with a number of territorial defense units, delivered provisions out to the East, and visited with medics at stabilization points to gather requirements and drive future innovation + investments. We also met with a number of units at the tip of the spear to gather some of their urgent equipment needs. We can help them acquire this non-lethal gear and link it up with those traveling over to Ukraine soon!

The equipment breakdown for this trip included medical supplies, mine removal/clearance, power generation, cold weather clothing, ISR, field fortifications/field hygiene, and force protection.

Another unique opportunity which arose was a meeting with an investor group from a partnered nation who were looking to meet with innovators working in Ukraine. We shared with them some of the work of Ukraine Torch and made arrangements to partner on upcoming trips to develop new life-saving medical approaches/techniques. As an organization with years of experience working in Ukraine, we were able to provide some shortcuts to get quickly into the requirements gathering phase as well as share existing relationships with units that can adopt and test real-world solutions!

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Ukraine Torch | Trip 11 Update (October ’23)

This was our 11th trip for Ukraine Torch and saw four individuals traveling to Ukraine bringing supplies and training. Collectively, we brought over $30K of supplies this trip, including medical supplies & training, power generation, cold weather clothing, drones and mine removal/clearance. 

Medical Training – This trip centered around providing combat medical training (known as “Tactical Combat Casualty Care” or TCCC in military medicine). Initially, we planned to train with one of the Territorial Defense Brigades but when we arrived we were also asked to deliver training to a series of Civil Defense classes as well, which included some highly engaged/energized participants! Our USN Corpsman did an outstanding job providing life-saving medical instruction and simulated training.

Reconstruction Assistance – We also checked in on the progress of our reconstruction efforts in Chernihiv Oblast where our Navy friend has been working with a partnered organization, Repair Together, to rebuild homes in Ukrainian villages. Their passion is infectious as they know their labors will put a roof over several families’ heads this winter to stay warm!  

Partnership Building – We’ve also begun identifying where it makes sense to partner with other organizations to expand our capacity or leverage economies of scale for purchasing supplies or getting them to their final destination. We’ve now worked with Shield of Freedom in San Diego, Traveling Colonels (Washington DC) and others. The Colonels were gracious enough to build 40x IFAKs for use in our medical training program and we in turn brought them replacement supplies from the US.

Finally, we are excited to announce that we are now an officially recognized 501(c)(3)! This is an important step to scaling up the goodwill of our nation to confront the challenges facing Ukraine. Every contribution helps to save a life, provide early warning/detection or keeps a trooper equipped/protected in the trenches.

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Ukraine Torch | Trip 10 Update (August ’23)

This marks our 10th trip for Ukraine Torch and brought together many dedicated individuals across disciplines who wanted to support and defend Western democracy. We had 10 remarkable people volunteer and travel together throughout the month of August, each team with a specific task and purpose to accomplish, working alongside Ukrainian counterparts.

In addition to providing supplies and logistical support across a number of Ukrainian units, we continued to train territorial defense units and bring best practices from units stationed on the front lines. (Most units have trainers continuously in combat) We have also assembled a technology tiger team which is helping advance the design, fabrication, programming and testing of next-generation intelligence assets.

To fulfill our organization’s complete mission however, which specifically includes the reconstruction and rebuilding of Ukraine, we had our first team member deploy to rebuild destroyed villages on the outskirts of Kyiv (in Chernihiv Oblast). He’s a Navy vet and is generously donating his time for the entirety of the next three months with our partner organization.

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Ukraine Torch | Timeline Summary

The following is a brief overview of the support trips taken to date over the previous 18 months of the Russo-Ukraine war.

Mission Trip | January 2023

Over the past several months, we’ve been sponsoring some equipment to go to Ukrainian National Guard units fighting on the Eastern front (been sending them cold weather gear, drones etc.) They’ve seen great success retaking Lyman, Izium and Kherson but also faced great hardships in Bakhmut and other hellish places.

We believe they can use all the help they can get to even the odds and help rebuild their great country! If you would like to support them or know of others who may like to contribute financially or otherwise please reach out to to learn more.

If you’d like to donate directly you can visit our donation page and any help is greatly appreciated and will directly aid Ukrainians in their fight for liberation.

Donate – Ukraine Torch

Your donation is tax-deductible contribution via our 501(c)3. We will provide email updates and hope to bring a merry Christmas to all those on the front lines!