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Ukraine Torch | Trip 13 Update (April ’24)

This was our 13th trip of the support mission and continued to build on past efforts working with Territorial Defense Forces, as well as Ukraine’s elite direct-action units. We were fortunate on this trip to touch base with an FPV drone operator school, named Dragon Sky, which requested some high-tech equipment to support their operations […]

Ukraine Torch | Trip 12 Update (February ’24)

This was our 12th trip bringing supplies and equipment to keep Ukraine in the fight. We met with a number of territorial defense units, delivered provisions out to the East, and visited with medics at stabilization points to gather requirements and drive future innovation + investments. We also met with a number of units at the tip […]

Ukraine Torch | Trip 11 Update (October ’23)

This was our 11th trip for Ukraine Torch and saw four individuals traveling to Ukraine bringing supplies and training. Collectively, we brought over $30K of supplies this trip, including medical supplies & training, power generation, cold weather clothing, drones and mine removal/clearance.  Medical Training – This trip centered around providing combat medical training (known as “Tactical Combat Casualty Care” or TCCC […]

Ukraine Torch | Trip 10 Update (August ’23)

This marks our 10th trip for Ukraine Torch and brought together many dedicated individuals across disciplines who wanted to support and defend Western democracy. We had 10 remarkable people volunteer and travel together throughout the month of August, each team with a specific task and purpose to accomplish, working alongside Ukrainian counterparts. In addition to […]