Ukraine Torch | Trip 13 Update (April ’24)

This was our 13th trip of the support mission and continued to build on past efforts working with Territorial Defense Forces, as well as Ukraine’s elite direct-action units. We were fortunate on this trip to touch base with an FPV drone operator school, named Dragon Sky, which requested some high-tech equipment to support their operations and increase survivability in the field. They have been great partners and readily provide actionable feedback and progress updates on the equipment received. We look forward to seeing where else we can assist with their technology needs and enhance their efforts!

We also launched a special project for one of our members, who said goodbye recently to his longtime canine friend Mako. We visited Odesa to meet with the 126th TDF Canine Training Academy to tour their operations, training military working dogs, and learn how a gift could help shape and expand their cynology operations. It was extremely impressive meeting the canines helping units at the frontline avoid land mines and other explosive dangers. Dogs also are being found to have great sensory awareness for a number of other threats! We look forward to assisting with procuring protective gear for our new partners and helping them expand their operations and infrastructure and get some of their graduates out to our TDF units!

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