Ukraine Torch | Trip 10 Update (August ’23)

This marks our 10th trip for Ukraine Torch and brought together many dedicated individuals across disciplines who wanted to support and defend Western democracy. We had 10 remarkable people volunteer and travel together throughout the month of August, each team with a specific task and purpose to accomplish, working alongside Ukrainian counterparts.

In addition to providing supplies and logistical support across a number of Ukrainian units, we continued to train territorial defense units and bring best practices from units stationed on the front lines. (Most units have trainers continuously in combat) We have also assembled a technology tiger team which is helping advance the design, fabrication, programming and testing of next-generation intelligence assets.

To fulfill our organization’s complete mission however, which specifically includes the reconstruction and rebuilding of Ukraine, we had our first team member deploy to rebuild destroyed villages on the outskirts of Kyiv (in Chernihiv Oblast). He’s a Navy vet and is generously donating his time for the entirety of the next three months with our partner organization.

If you would like to support our next mission (leaving late Sept/early Oct) you can donate here. We also now have shirts & patches available for purchase. If you would like to volunteer, please visit our page. Thanks for your support!